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Debra F.

"Such a lovely lotion, made with quality care. Eases daily aches and pains. Good for a relaxing, deeper sleep. Highly recommend!"

Cortneay B.

"Not only is this a really great high quality product but such a wonderful and helpful seller. She worked with me to get the lotion exactly how I wanted. Magnesium lotion has done wonders on my pregnancy RLS and my unbearable leg cramps. My last pregnancy I spent countless hours in the bath tub trying to ease them so I could sleep but nothing worked. This product has really been a miracle cure and I don't go anywhere without it. I put it on every ache and pain, shortly after the pain subsides. I also love that I'm not putting any chemicals into my body only natural ingredients. Thank you so much!" 

Jane W.

"Rubbing a little on the bottom of my feet helps me to fall asleep and stay asleep.  My Mother-in-law uses it on her knee when her arthritis flairs up and it quickly takes away the pain.  She has also used it on her toe when her gout medication isn't enough. It relieves the pain within minutes." 

Karen A.

"This ought to be called... The Amazing Magnesium Cream!!!  For many years, I have had a recurring problem of getting dehydrated, which causes me to have horrible feet & leg cramps. I even ended up in the hospital one time with potassium IV drips. It felt like liquid fire going into my veins!  This is what happens when I get dehydrated...I roll over in bed at night...Wham!  My toes will stiffen & turn up or down, my foot will twist sideways, the tendon on the top of my foot & shin bone will raise up about a half inch & I am in instant agony. Sometimes it will start into the other foot & leg also. It is the worst pain I have ever had! I struggle to get up & put weight on them to straighten them out. Most of the time that helps a little but they are still on the verge of going right back into cramp mode again.  I would limp to the kitchen, take an extra potassium pill & then take a hot whirlpool bath. I might be up for a couple hours, drinking water till the pain eased up. Sometimes...when I got back in bed & moved just wrong...Wham! It would start all over again.  Now with this "Amazing Magnesium Cream," I get up & go rub it on my feet & legs, drink a bottle of water & wait about 15 minutes before going back to bed. I'm not bothered by the cramps the rest of the night. Awesome!  If I know I'm getting dehydrated, I will rub it on before I go to bed & I don't have the cramps thru the night. Thank you Mary for buying this cream for me & Kristen for making it & having it available to people like me. I Love it!!!   Bless You!" 

Tonya D.

"I love using the magnesium lotion for myself, especially on my feet at night. I have been putting the lavender on my daughter's feet and it has been very beneficial in helping her sleep.   We use the peppermint one regularly for tummy aches and motion sickness in the car.  Thank you!!" 

I tried this lotion after purchasing a 2oz sample at the Mother Earth homesteading convention down in Kansas in 2018 and it has absolutely changed my life. I was diagnosed many years ago with "restless leg syndrome" and the Dr's I've gone thru all have wanted to put me on Parkinson medication and basically numb my body in order to goto sleep every night. I've refused to go on that medication since they have no idea about the long term ramifications as I was in my 20's when diagnosed. I've been dealing with this ever since and I am now 49. To get to sleep every night I must stretch my legs and run the stairs in my house to calm my legs down...until I found you and this cream. I put a little bit on each leg every night and sleep like a baby.

Todd D.

I just wanted you to know how appreciative I am of this product. It basically has changed my entire life. I will be a life long user for as long as it's made. :) My wife is going to try it on our 13yo boy to see if it can help him sleep also. Todd D.

Eases daily aches and pains…relaxing, deeper sleep…has done wonders on my pregnancy RLS and my unbearable leg cramps…miracle cure..pain subsides…arthritis flares up and it quickly takes away the pain…relieves the pain within minutes…Amazing Magnesium Cream!..not bothered with the cramps the rest of the night..